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Web designing Training

Look and Feel is becoming so important today and our artists would help you to get you started.


  • Introduction about web technologies for Front page users
  • Static and dynamic website
  • Basic Introduction web designing layout
  • Difference Between Front-end and Back-end technologies
  • Tools for building web page design

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

  • Introduction Overview of HTML
  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Head section and its elements
  • Meta tag and meta description
  • HTML all Tags / HTML Elements
  • HTML Heading
  • HTML Paragraphs and its tag
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Comments
  • Div tag and its properties
  • HTML links , HTML Image and its properties
  • HTML Lists

HTML –Working with Forms

  • Form Tag and form properties
  • From action :GET method and POST method
  • Option buttons , checkbox, radio buttons
  • input box, textarea box, labels
  • Formatting all properties with CSS


  • Introduction of HTML5
  • Diffrence between HTML & HTML5
  • All new element in HTML5
  • Audio , Video tag using HTML5
  • HTML5 bowser support

CSS - Cascading Style Sheet

  • Introduction of CSS
  • CSS – links
  • Types of CSS (Inline, Internal , External )
  • Properties of CSS
  • CSS Font Properties , Different Font Styles
  • Type selector- ID, Class selector
  • CSS - Comments
  • CSS - positioning properties
  • CSS – Opacity , visibility concept
  • CSS for website : One column layout, Two column layout
  • Multi-columns layout
  • CSS properties - color, opacity, alignments, float
  • Margin and padding concept
  • Parent-child layout concept
  • Custom form design
  • CSS - Before after Properties
  • CSS - Display Properties
  • CSS - Image Properties
  • CSS – Background Image Properties


  • Introduction of ccs3
  • Properties of css3
  • Keyframe animation using css3
  • Animation like transition , transform , scale etc.. in css3
  • CSS3 bowser support


  • Web fonts
  • Font Icons – e.g. Font awesome
  • Import Web Fonts, Font awesome into the website
  • Other Fonts

Responsive Design

  • Introduction of responsive layout of the website
  • Devices for Responsive Design - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Media Queries and its Properties

Javascript & JQuery

  • Basics of Javascript/ JQuery and its elements
  • Validation using Javascript/JQuery


  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Benefits of Bootstrap Model
  • Bootstrap Model layout structure
  • Bootstrap – Classes
  • Bootstrap – grid layout
  • Bootstrap – fonts and icons
  • Bootstrap – tables, buttons , lists, etc..
  • Bootstrap – collapse and expand
  • Bootstrap – Tables
  • Bootstrap – Forms
  • Bootstrap – grid system
  • Bootstrap – carousel -image slider
  • Bootstrap – popup model and alters
  • Bootstrap – Templates
  • Bootstrap – Responsive Layout

Photoshop Basics

  • Basic tools in photoshop
  • PSD/HTML conversation methods

Happy Students

What our students have to say about us, and what they learned and how the training benefited to them.

  • Harshad chauhan

    Getting trained from ATI, was my one of the best decisions of my life. After final year of engineering, I tried to get a job as a fresher, and having interviewed by about 8 companies, everybody was asking me either for an experience, or knowledge of a Pro, I didn't had both as a fresher. After I completed my php training with alakmalak, I was able to crack the interview particals at two places and got an offer from one of the company. I would highly recommned ATI.

  • Alpa Mori

    I was a final year from GTU where I got to know about ATI through social media. I applied there, and they took a general aptitude test. I scroed more than 80% in the test and they offered me a special disocunt on the training fees, and after the training I did my live project there, it was a great learning experience, from the great tutors who has good amount of industry experience. After I graduated, I got a job just in 1 month.

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