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Web Designing Course


Introduction about web technologies for Front page users, Static and dynamic website, Basic Introduction web designing layout, Difference Between Front-end and Back-end technologies, Tools for building web page design


Basic Structure of HTML, HTML all Tags / HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, Div tag and its properties, HTML links , HTML Image and its properties, HTML Lists ,Table , HTML Frames, PSD to HTML conversion concept


Introduction of CSS, Types of CSS (Inline, Internal , External ), Properties of CSS, CSS Font properties , styling font, CSS for website layout- One column layout , Two column,multi-columns layout, CSS - font styling , Alignment , float properties, Custom form design


Web fonts, Font Icons – e.g. Font awesome, Import web fonts, font awesome in website, Other fonts

html 5/Css3

Introduction of HTML5, All new element in HTML5 Audio , Video tag using HTML5 HTML5 bowser support
Introduction of ccs3 Properties of css3 animation using css3 transition , transform , scale etc.. in css3 CSS3 bowser support

Javascript/ JQuery

Basics of Javascript/ JQuery and its elements Validation using Javascript/JQuery

Responsive Design

Responsive layout of the website, Devices for responsive design (Desktop , tablet , Mobile), Media Queries and its properties


Bootstrap Model layout structure, Bootstrap – grid layout, Bootstrap – collapse and expand, Bootstrap – Tabs and panels, Forms , carousel -image slider , popup model and alters,Templates , Responsive Layout

Photoshop Basics

Basic tools in photoshop ,PSD/HTML conversation methods


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