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WordPress Course


html all tags , table , html layout , html forms , html iframes ,html responsive , html5 , types of css , css property , forms , css responsive , bootstrap

Core PHP Basic

Overview , php data types , operators PHP functions , form handling, validations, Session, function, include, Oops concept (Class , Object & functions)

MySQL DB Basic

Introduction mysql , sql database , sql query ,AJAX database

WordPress Introduction

How to Install WordPress, WordPress Posts vs. Pages: When To Use Each, How to Write a Post in WordPress, How to Manage and Edit WordPress Posts, How to Write a WordPress Page, Manage and Edit WordPress Pages, Protecting Your Work

WordPress Media

Categories vs. Tags, Using WordPress Categories, Using WordPress Tags, Create a Photo Gallery, Add Audio and Video to Posts, Add a PDF Download, Add an Image Gallery Sidebar

Customizing WP Site

How to Install WordPress, How to Use WordPress Themes, Customize WordPress Theme, Header / Footer, Blog Layout Design, Templating, Custom Hooks, Using WordPress Screen Options, Fonts and WordPress

WP Plugins

How to Use WordPress Plugins, How to Use WordPress Widgets, Most popular Plugins, Best way to Integeration Plugins

WP Site Management

Upgrading WordPress, Move Web Content & changing URL, Managing WordPress Users, Install WordPress On Windows or linux, WordPress Security Briefing, WordPress SEO Basics


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