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Magento Training

Magento is an enterprise level open source web based software which is the most preferred choice for making an ecommerce website.


  • HTML / CSS Basics
  • Mysql Database
  • OOPS
  • Core PHP


  • Magento overview
  • Installation and configure of magento
  • Magento Architecture
  • Request Flow
  • Working with Database in Magento

Configure back-end

  • Setting up Magento stores
  • Catalogs and categories
  • Managing products
  • Related products, up-sells, cross-sells and Importing products
  • URL rewrites
  • Configuring to Sell
    • The sales process
    • Payment methods
    • Shipping methods
    • Configuring sales tax rules
    • Outgoing e-mails
  • Managing Content
    • The Magento content management system
    • Pages
    • Static blocks
    • Widgets
    • Principles of customizing layouts
  • Marketing Tools
    • Customer groups
    • Promotions
    • Newsletters
    • Sitemaps
    • Search engine optimization
  • System configurations
  • Reports
  • Cache management system & all default setup in admins

Configure front-end

  • Magento directory structure
  • Naming conventions
  • Namespaces
  • Module structure
  • Configuration XML
  • Class overrides
  • Front controller
  • Design and layout initialization
  • Structure of block templates
  • Catalog process with product listing to place order

working with templates and cms directories

  • Template structure
  • Blocks
  • Design layout SML schema
  • CMS content directives
  • Models resource and collections
  • Magento Object Relational Mapping

Configure files in magento

  • Flow of Entity-Attribute-Value model
  • Model concepts
  • Common structure/architecture
  • Form and Grid Widgets
  • ACL (permissions)
  • System configuration XML and configuration scope
  • Enabling and configuring extensions
  • Attributes management
  • Admin HTML

Magento Flow

  • Layout Implementation
  • Creating and defining blocks
  • Templates
  • Skins
  • Themes
  • Rendering

Module installation and configure in front-end

upgrade magento from old version to new version

Happy Students

What our students have to say about us, and what they learned and how the training benefited to them.

  • Harshad chauhan

    Getting trained from ATI, was my one of the best decisions of my life. After final year of engineering, I tried to get a job as a fresher, and having interviewed by about 8 companies, everybody was asking me either for an experience, or knowledge of a Pro, I didn't had both as a fresher. After I completed my php training with alakmalak, I was able to crack the interview particals at two places and got an offer from one of the company. I would highly recommned ATI.

  • Alpa Mori

    I was a final year from GTU where I got to know about ATI through social media. I applied there, and they took a general aptitude test. I scroed more than 80% in the test and they offered me a special disocunt on the training fees, and after the training I did my live project there, it was a great learning experience, from the great tutors who has good amount of industry experience. After I graduated, I got a job just in 1 month.

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