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PHP Training

Open source technologies are most widely used in making of website, and PHP is the most widely used, whereby #ahmedabad is the largest web development hub of India.

Fundamental of Programming

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Programming
  • SQL
  • Designing

Basics of HTML

  • Introduction of HTML
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Anchor Tags
  • HTML List
  • HTML Table
  • HTML Forms

Basics of CSS

  • Selection of CSS
  • Margin & Padding
  • CSS ID
  • CSS Classes
  • CSS Internal / External
  • CSS Inline


  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Benefits of Bootstrap Model
  • Bootstrap Model layout structure
  • Bootstrap – Classes
  • Bootstrap – grid layout
  • Bootstrap – Forms , tables, buttons , lists, etc..
  • Bootstrap – carousel -image slider
  • Bootstrap – popup model and alters

Basics of Javascript

  • Introduction of Javascript
  • Javascript Types
  • JS Functions
  • Variable ,Operators in js
  • GET & POST method in Javascript

Basics of JQuery

  • JQuery : class & id
  • JQuery : Methods - Hide, show , slide up ,slide down , toggle
  • JQuery - Events
  • JQuery - css methods
  • JQuery - Variable ,Operators in js
  • JQuery - Form Validation

Core PHP

  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Loop
  • PHP Forms
  • PHP $GET / $ POST
  • PHP File Handling
  • PHP Date & Time

Basics of SQL

  • Introduction
  • Mysql Database and Php
  • Database Normalization
  • Database Connectivity

Advance Mysql

  • Creation of DB and users
  • Creation of DB Tables
  • PHPMyAdmin / DB Tool
  • Php Mysql Select
  • Php Mysql Insert
  • Php Mysql Where
  • Php Mysql Orderby
  • Php MySQL Group by
  • Php Mysql Update
  • Php Mysql Delete
  • Php Mysql Join

Advance PHP

  • Php Sessions
  • PHP Include
  • PHP Cookies
  • PHP Validations
  • PHP Pagination
  • PHP Operators


  • OOPS in Php
  • Introduction to MVC in Php
  • Ajax in Php
  • PHP PDF handling

Our Upcomming Batches - Professionals webdesigning Training

Course Name Start Date Timming Days Total Duration Availability Contact
PHP 15/04/2019 11-1AM (morning batch) 3days/week 3 Months 6 seats
PHP 18/04/2019 2-4PM 3days/week 3 Months 8 seats
PHP 22/04/2019 4-6PM 3days/week 3 Months 13 seats

Happy Students

What our students have to say about us, and what they learned and how the training benefited to them.


    "I was lucky and learned the PHP from basic to advanced PHP with SQL database concepts first with ATI. I recommend you do as well. ATI helped me nurture and develop my technical skills as well as learn how to work at a corporate level. It is having the nice experience in ATI. All staff members are very cooperative."


    best institute and best experience. we learn all the basic things and done pratices of pratical,task,homeworks,makes notes ,so this institute and nikita mam give lot of knowledge .so this institute is best for me.


    hello, my name is Richa Verma,i have completed PHP training from ATI, that was a good experience. Mrs. Nikita Shah trained me, she has very polite behaviour, In ATI I have learned basic fundamental designing before starts PHP. In PHP I have learned SQL,core PHP, OOPS pragramming. alakmalak technology is good platform for training if anybody wants to take job in IT industry.the trainers are also guide if you have no idea that which language you choose for career and growth. they provide us completely practical knowledge.


    It was a great experience to take training from ATI. Major benefits from training that ATI is only focused on totally practical knowledge, developer designer as a trainer, I would like to thank Nikita mem, she is very experts in all concept of web designing so she solves our all queries very conceptually. currently, I am working in a well known IT company as a web designer. ATI has proven that even non-it person can do and learn IT languages and build career ..Highly recommended to all students who are looking for IT training for the practical approach. Thanks a lot, ATI.

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