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IOS Training

It has a class of its own, with top usage in US, we have experts who can train you to do development in swift ios.

Basics of Objective C and Overview

  • Overview
  • Basic Syntax
  • Variables, Data Types, Operator, Constants, String, Pointer, Array, Number, Block, Function
  • Classes & Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Data Encapsulation
  • Categories
  • Extension
  • Protocols
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Dictionary
  • Foundation Framework
  • Error Handling
  • Log Handling

Environment Setup

  • Xcode Installation
  • Interface Builder
  • IOS Simulator
  • Creating your First Hello World App

Coding Structure

  • IOS Design Pattern
  • Interface Design
  • Implementation
  • Variables
  • Statement & Expressions
  • Commenting in Code

UI Interface Control

    UI elements are the visual elements that we can see in our applications

  • Label
  • Textfield
  • Textbox
  • TableView
  • CollectionView
  • Scrollview
  • Button
  • Pickerview
  • DatePicker
  • ImageView
  • Tabbar
  • Menubar
  • Toolbar
  • Slider

Data Management

  • SQLite Database
  • Core Data
  • Plist File 
  • File Handling.(Read, Write ) 

Map and GPS integration

  • Show User Location
  • Working with google map API
  • Location Management & Tracking 

Web API Parsing

  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing

Introducing Core Graphics

  • Basic Animation
  • Drawing Line, Path, Shapes
  • Core Animation 

In app purchase

  • Consumable in app
  • Non-Consumable
  • Subscription
  • Non-Subscription

Social Networking

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail
  • Share Content on Facebook,Twitter,Email,Instagram
  • Non-Subscription


  • Push notification
  • Local notification

Using Multimedia

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Camera

Auto layout

  • Auto-layouts Help us in create interfaces that can be used for multiple orientations and multiple devices

Deploying an App to AppStore

  • Key chain Access
  • Certificates
  • Upload app on app store
  • Test flight

Happy Students

What our students have to say about us, and what they learned and how the training benefited to them.

  • Harshad chauhan

    Getting trained from ATI, was my one of the best decisions of my life. After final year of engineering, I tried to get a job as a fresher, and having interviewed by about 8 companies, everybody was asking me either for an experience, or knowledge of a Pro, I didn't had both as a fresher. After I completed my php training with alakmalak, I was able to crack the interview particals at two places and got an offer from one of the company. I would highly recommned ATI.

  • Alpa Mori

    I was a final year from GTU where I got to know about ATI through social media. I applied there, and they took a general aptitude test. I scroed more than 80% in the test and they offered me a special disocunt on the training fees, and after the training I did my live project there, it was a great learning experience, from the great tutors who has good amount of industry experience. After I graduated, I got a job just in 1 month.

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