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Web designing Training

Look and Feel is becoming so important today and our artists would help you to get you started.

Basic Web Designing


  • Introduction about web technologies for Front page users
  • Static and dynamic website
  • Basic Introduction web designing layout
  • Difference Between Front-end and Back-end technologies
  • Tools for building web page design

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

  • Introduction Overview of HTML
  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Head section and its elements
  • Meta tag and meta description
  • HTML all Tags / HTML Elements
  • HTML Heading
  • HTML Paragraphs and its tag
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Comments
  • Div tag and its properties
  • HTML links , HTML Image and its properties
  • HTML Lists

HTML –Working with Forms

  • Form Tag and form properties
  • From action :GET method and POST method
  • Option buttons , checkbox, radio buttons
  • input box, textarea box, labels
  • Formatting all properties with CSS

CSS - Cascading Style Sheet

  • Introduction of CSS
  • CSS – links
  • Types of CSS (Inline, Internal , External )
  • Properties of CSS
  • CSS Font Properties , Different Font Styles
  • Type selector- ID, Class selector
  • CSS - Comments
  • CSS - positioning properties
  • CSS – Opacity , visibility concept
  • CSS for website : One column layout, Two column layout
  • Multi-columns layout
  • CSS properties - color, opacity, alignments, float
  • Margin and padding concept
  • Parent-child layout concept
  • Custom form design
  • CSS - Before after Properties
  • CSS - Display Properties
  • CSS - Image Properties
  • CSS – Background Image Properties
Advanced Web Designing


  • Introduction of HTML5
  • Diffrence between HTML & HTML5
  • All new element in HTML5
  • Audio , Video tag using HTML5
  • HTML5 browser support


  • Introduction of ccs3
  • Properties of css3
  • Keyframe animation using css3
  • Animation like transition , transform , scale etc.. in css3
  • CSS3 browser support


  • Web fonts
  • Font Icons – e.g. Font awesome
  • Import Web Fonts, Font awesome into the website
  • Other Fonts

Responsive Design

  • Introduction of responsive layout of the website
  • Devices for Responsive Design - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Media Queries and its Properties

Javascript & JQuery

  • Basics of Javascript/ JQuery and its elements
  • Validation using Javascript/JQuery


  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Benefits of Bootstrap Model
  • Bootstrap Model layout structure
  • Bootstrap – Classes
  • Bootstrap – grid layout
  • Bootstrap – fonts and icons
  • Bootstrap – tables, buttons , lists, etc..
  • Bootstrap – collapse and expand
  • Bootstrap – Tables
  • Bootstrap – Forms
  • Bootstrap – grid system
  • Bootstrap – carousel -image slider
  • Bootstrap – popup model and alters
  • Bootstrap – Templates
  • Bootstrap – Responsive Layout


  • Basic parameters of SEO Friendly website designing
  • Images Compressions
  • Page speed testing with different tools
  • QA Testing/Analysis of using different tools
  • Page speed testing parameters

Photoshop Basics

  • Basic tools in photoshop
  • PSD/HTML conversation methods

Happy Students

What our students have to say about us, and what they learned and how the training benefited to them.

  • Deep Chaniyara

    I was lucky and learned the html/css basic syntax first with ATI. I recommend you do as well. This course was an excellent second step in my learning process. It showed me a relevant real life work flow to building a website which was exactly what I needed and was looking for. I enjoyed it. Thank You ATI.............

  • Sagar Thakar

    It was great experience in ATI. i have learnt WEB DESIGN from Basics to Advance.Good Teaching staff and very frankly.I have placed in one week after finishing my WEB DESIGN Training.Thak You so much ATI.


    Extremely good teaching from basic to advance, company work level training, also got experience of live project work.Highly recommended for company level work for better Career growth. Thank you ATI. I would highly recommend ATI.

  • Santosh Gayakwad

    Getting trained from ATI, was my one of the best decisions of my life. After final year of BCA, I tried to get a job as a fresher, and having interviewed by about 8 companies, everybody was asking me either for an experience, or knowledge of a Pro, I didn't had both as a fresher. After I completed my php training with alakmalak, I was able to crack the interview Particles at two places and got an offer from one of the company. I would highly recommend ATI.

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